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""You're so lucky" they say to the ones who step off the beaten path to follow their dreams.


But I want to tell you this: You're not lucky to be following your dreams, you're strong, and courageous. You've sacrificed more than they'll ever know to get here. You've followed your heart instead of what is expected of you.

Luck had nothing to do with it."

- Samantha Mcgowan

Photo by Miguel Aulet

The Truth Behind


From the outside looking in, traveling seems carefree & easy, many aspects of travel are, but sacrifices are made to pursue these crazy dreams.


I funded my first solo-trip by working as a camp cook in a gold mine near Alaska, I slept in a canvas tent (along with a few rats), worked 12-16 hour days/7 days a week, all while living on the side of a glacier (did I mention the outhouses or snow in July?). For many, this sounds like a nightmare, but I loved how challenging the experience was, it truly prepared me for the unpredictable lifestyle of a traveler. 


I've worked hard to save money,  and I keep my life in boxes rather than settling down, all so I can see the world and experience cultures unique to my own. 


London in 72 hours

When it rains in London, it pours. During our short trip we experienced nothing but the finest rain London had to offer! We explored Nottingham (My favourite!), Buckingham Palace, and so much more. 



Expat in Beijing & Adventures in China


"White Christmas" should always mean white sand beaches, if you ask me! 


4 Month Solo-Female Backpacking Trip




15 Countries & Counting:

My Travels So Far

In high school, my best friend & I bought round trip flights to Paris for Spring Break, our parents were less than thrilled as this was around the same time which Taken came out in theatres. I had a dear friend there, Delphine, who offered to host us and show us the local's perspective. We wined and dined in Paris, then stayed in Poitiers  and explored medieval villages nearby.

France was just as dreamy as we'd hoped! 

North America

No matter how far or how long I travel, Canada will always be home. I was born and raised in beautiful British Columbia and truly think it's the most incredible place on earth (only completely biased). 


Two Japan Rail Passes, two Canadians, & two weeks to eat their way through one very beautiful country!