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Just a girl & her backpack

Starting University, I knew exactly what I wanted to do (thank goodness), but I didn't know where I wanted to live or work when I finished (minor details, right?). I needed to think long term before I started working or seniority would be lost if/when I decided to move (zero pressure at all...). Near the end of my degree, I wasn't any closer to determining where I wanted to put roots down, this is when my plan to backpack South America began formulating. I started researching all the incredible places I could visit, and it turned out a friend was interested in going as well! As graduation neared, my friend decided she wouldn't be joining me on the trip. When she explained this to me, an overwhelming thought popped into my head shouting: 


"You can't do this alone!"


This way of thinking lasted about 5 seconds. Okay, if I'm being honest it was closer to five days. After a lot of self-doubt, I had the realization that I don't need anyone else to make my dreams a reality. Cheesy, I know. I knew backpacking in South America was something I wanted to do, and I knew it was something I could do even if I was alone. So I booked a one way ticket to Argentina and braced myself for the conversation I'd have to have with my Mom about backpacking alone in South America (Sorry mom!!). I'm not claiming to be unique in my decision, I'm simply one out of millions of females who have chosen to travel alone. Together we form an unspoken tribe of adventure seekers and goal getters.


 I couldn't be prouder to be included in this group of badass women!

I've had a strong sense of wanderlust since before I can even remember. I knew for myself, traveling wasn't going to be something I could "get out of the way" before settling down. Having now moved by myself to Asia (indefinitely..again, sorry Mom!), I continue to collect experiences and memories rather than things. My desire to see the world grows stronger each time I set foot in a new country. Though I travel alone, I am only truly alone if I want to be. Regardless of where I travel, I've been shown tremendous kindness and warmth from strangers and friends made along the way. Whether I travel with friends or alone, traveling has truly become a way of life for me.   

Stay tuned for adventures, stories, tips, & tricks while I fumble my way around the world as a solo-female traveler. 



"Loving life is easy when you're abroad. Where no one knows you and you hold your life in your hands all alone, you are more master of yourself than at any other time.”

— Hannah Arendt

Archived posts about Solo Travel

July 9, 2019

 Temple of Heaven, Beijing, China 

The funny thing about living abroad is no matter how hard you fight it, your body and mind will adjust to wherever you are.

Things which once felt foreign and confusing become second nature.

A life that was once uncomfortable, becomes comfortable.

People are adaptable, no matter how different the culture is.

Moving to China is no exception. 

 First Pollution Day, Beijing, China (2017)

My first...

December 16, 2018

I love living in Beijing.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The fact that I love Beijing, has also surprised me.

I moved here from a rural village in Canada of 550 people. I am used to a much quieter way of life and far cleaner air. In fact, I don't like cities at all. Somehow though, this is my second year calling Beijing home and I just signed on for a third year (I did not see this coming!). I could never have imagined I'd...

July 30, 2018

Believe it or not, China not only has the Great Wall and pollution days... but white sand beaches and palm trees...

July 12, 2018

What is life in China REALLY like as an expat? Learn how one Canadian Laowai (foreigner) thrives in Beijing rather than just barely surviving.

March 4, 2018

 Japan wowed me in every way possible.

The people, the food, the sights, and the ease of travel. Japan is a special country, with a complex history, and it completely stole my heart. 

As if traveling in Japan for two weeks wasn't already going to be incredible, I was lucky enough to have one of my all time favorite Canadian ladies join me, meet the oh so lovely Lorna (also the brains behind most of this trip): 


October 4, 2017

How is it October already? Beijing in the fall is really quite lovely, the skies are blue, the air is crisp, and leaves are starting to change colour! Considering I skipped fall & most of winter last year, I'm loving the change of season!! 

I've been living in China for over TWO months, a sentence I never thought I'd say. Even crazier, I'm still loving life here! I keep saying to myself, "Holy S***, I live in China!" How...

August 14, 2017

One of the gates to the Old Summer Palace. Located across the street from my place of work.

Well folks, I made it! Today is day 12 and not only am I still alive, I'm still smiling. Trust me, I'm as impressed as you hopefully are, and if you could experience the traffic here, you'd be even more impressed that I haven't been hit by anything or anyone (*knock on wood*...). Things have been busy, ridiculously hilarious, and surpris...

July 21, 2017

A New Chapter

In exactly 9 days, I will pack my entire life into a suitcase (or more realistically, two), say farewell to family & friends, and say goodbye to my quiet outdoor-based lifestyle in rural British Columbia, Canada. Where am I going, you might ask? This girl is moving to Beijing, China! 

Yes, you read that right...China, as in the communist country with severe pollution, over-population, cen...

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