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About Me



I'm Kayla, a.k.a the Amazon Abroad! A nickname which stemmed from being the tallest female in most groups since Grade Eight. While traveling, my height is often an exciting topic for locals and travelers alike. The conversation usually ends with me explaining that no, all 6'1" of me does not play basketball, I can, however, reach the top shelf without I think so!
 I'm a Canadian Elementary Teacher, happiest when surrounded by mountains or dogs (or better yet both!). I started Amazon Abroad to share my love of travel with family & friends, and hopefully, inspire others to explore this incredible place we call home.


Only a fraction of travel is visiting famous sights, for me, traveling is those little moments in between; the pantomiming between yourself and a non-English speaking local, the first bite of a street vendor's creation, the friends made along the way, and the challenges you are faced with daily. Solo-traveling has challenged & humbled me, and most importantly it has allowed me to see the world with new perspective. 

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Currently in: Beijing, China!